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The Learning Eye wins mobile learning award!

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tle technologies is a specialist company offering e learning design and development services in all aspects of web and mobile technology. From initial strategy development through to detailed design, programming and implementation, tletec offers a complete service. Using the latest development tools tletec can help organisations achieve outstanding results across a wide variety of platforms, mobile devices and smartphones. For expert, professional advice and service we are pleased to recommend tletec as our technology partner.


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With the face of communication continuing to change at a rapid pace, Crisp is the solution to companies concerned about tracking and understanding what is being said about them and their brands.In simple terms Crisp analyses online conversations, helping companies moderate and manage their online communities. In addition to managing and moderating social media such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, it can help build safe online communities for children and help organisations gain control and stop spammers and scammers automatically and in real time.

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strategic partners Established in 1995, Miad is a sister company to The Learning Eye.It specialises in providing dedicated training and related consultancy services within the healthcare arena to both doctors and dentists. By blending their expertise and knowledge of the key issues affecting the NHS and private health sectors with the latest developments in learning, they offer a comprehensive range of training solutions for healthcare professionals.See all Miad has to offer by visiting

miro Organisational success depends on a number of key elements, however one remains constant – people. Whether in public service, local government, or the private sector people are ultimately what makes organisations succeed.Based on tried and tested Jungian concepts, the MiRo behavioural assessment tool helps people to understand their preferred communication style and also that of people around them.Communicating in the right way to differing audiences helps overcome potential conflict and also is key in building relationships and establishing a collaborative working environment.

This may all sound rather technical and complicated, but trust us, MiRo delivers personalised assessments in a simple to understand, clear and useable manner.

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the blue roomA fully SCORM compliant, state of the art web-based platform, the blue room is a learning centre, a repository for documents, videos and articles, and a forum within which news and views can be shared.The blue room also contains a specially developed section where we house an e-portfolio. This collection of examples of our e-learning and m-learning can be made available to prospective clients to view.Want to see it for yourself and explore the blue room in your own time? Click
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The Learning Eye wins mobile learning award!

The Learning Eye has won the silver award for the “best use of mobile learning” category in the 2012 e-learning awards. This award signifies the company’s strong investment and growth over the last year within the mobile market and demonstrates the company’s ambition to succeed within this competitive area.

The Learning Eye were commissioned by Schindler (the largest supplier of escalators and the second largest manufacturer of elevators worldwide) to produce an application for use on mobile devices to deploy e-learning and technical documentation in the field. As a global organisation, Schindler has a highly dispersed and mobile technical workforce, requiring effective, relevant training and access to up to date technical/product information.

The Learning Eye developed an application that was embraced by Schindler Technicians with great enthusiasm. They found the devices both easy to use and practical, creating an immediate demand – not just for the technicians but also to their line managers and senior managers.

The best use of mobile learning category seeks to recognise projects that make innovative and effective use of mobile devices to reach audiences, achieve goals and deliver efficiencies that were previously unobtainable.

Devices such as mobile phones, Blackberries, tablets and handheld games consoles are becoming increasingly popular for the delivery of learning and performance support. The Learning Eye is setting itself at the forefront of this market, delivering exiting learning solutions through the use of mobile media.

The Learning Eye achieved this award by being able to demonstrate the following:
• How the design takes account of the particular characteristics of the devices in question and the environments in which they could be used.
• How effective mobile learning is used to meet organisational needs.
• How the use of mobile devices for learning or performance support has helped in reaching new audiences and/or achieving learning more efficiently.

David Barker Managing Director of The Learning Eye said on receiving the award:
“I am delighted that the hard work and dedication of the team has been recognised in this way and am confident we will continue to provide excellence in the field of mobile learning”