Custom built to specification
  • Following customer based questionnaires this organisation wanted to role out the ‘Customer Centricity’ programme but wanted to ensure all staff had adequate training in ‘why’ this was being done. Learners completed the project at their own pace and were questioned on their understanding throughout
  • As a global business this organisation wanted to ensure that its staff understand its complete operation and how it delivers its service around the world. A component of the learning is to obtain ‘stamps’ in an imaginary passport as they travel around the world answering questions correctly
  • With a remote team of over 60,000 technicians it was vital this organisation train the team in all required aspects of technical training. The course encapsulates 3D technical documentation and illustration, which was successfully delivered globally in over 20 languages
  • Using simple yet effective production this course was developed to ensure usability in a variety of field environments covering basic leadership and management techniques
  • With over 400,000 people involved in the Horticulture industry in the UK this project was designed to tackle the issue of the using hazardous materials in a safe and secure way following European directives on the topic
  • With a team of over 100,000 staff this company wanted to ensure all staff had a complete understanding of their individual responsibility covering Information Security. The SECURE project was delivered to all staff and was key in underpinning the organisation’s approach to Cyber security
  • Delivering excellent service in the NHS requires many skills sets. As a foundation this Hospital Trust wanted a ‘one stop shop’ for basic level induction and knowledge delivered consistently and professionally to all new hires
  • Our brief was to turn a successful book ‘Simply a Great Manager’ into an equally successful eLearning course. Creating a 15 module programme the course has now been taken by individuals in the UK , Europe , South America , and China
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We use the latest authoring tools and world class award winning design experts to deliver stunning and effective customised learning for our clients.

Custom Build

Our custom designed courseware is built using the required amount of interaction and sophistication. Each client's needs are different as the audience for the learning varies by sector, subject matter and complexity.

We have worked in many languages and cultures and in sectors as diverse as Engineering, Healthcare, Construction, IT, Government, Horticultural, Charities and Finance. For a full list of clients or to discuss your needs please enquire here.