Mentoring for key business stages

Independent pragmatic support for your business journey from those who have done it !
  • ‘I have worked with David in establishing an international business in Australia and in bidding for a national government contract. David brings years of business nouse to problems, with drive and agility. He has a 'can-do' attitude and is comfortable mentoring and supporting others to deliver’.

    Paul Noon OBEDirector of Trade Australia & NZ
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Early stage proof of concept

So you have had a great idea – does it have legs ?

Encouraged by friends , a partner or family member you maybe thinking you really need an independent view of your business idea…but who do you trust? Who doesn’t have an axe to grind or the offer of unsubstantiated advice ?

Here at the Learning Eye we are here to help you test and review your idea. If needs be we can find industry experts, guide you on protecting your idea and ultimately help you significantly increase the chances of success.

We cant guarantee success, but we can help you understand what might increase the chance of it happening!

Start up planning and funding

So you know it can work – now what?

Ok, so the initial research and conversations are positive but how to create a firm plan with strategy, launch , marketing ,operational and financial elements. This often proves a hugely daunting challenge for early stage businesses or first time entrepreneurs.

To help concepts move into plans and then onto successful activities we have a range of tools and support principles available to help.

Sometimes all that is needed is a helpful prod in the right direction. Other times a full business plan is needed.

Whatever is required the team can help and will always be there for honest feedback and a friendly word of encouragement or advice if needed.

Early years survival and growth

So now its about surviving and growing – how?

According to the office of National Statistics only 44% of businesses last 5 years. Whilst there are no quick fixes to ensure success rather than failure there are some pretty clear pointers!

Dependant on the sector, geography and target for your products we can support your plans throughout this critical stage. As ever this support varies according to client needs and specific circumstances.

However, one thing is certain, we always work with you in an engaged , creative and business savvy way to get you through this important phase and into the 44% who survive and thrive.

Realizing value

Its going well – but how do you realize value ?

Realizing value is not just about money. Many value their time , independence and health most.

We recognise this and support you in your quest to balance life throughout the whole experience of establishing and growing business.

Money is an output of the effort but it needs balancing with other life goals, values and ambitions.

Clearly, we are all different but the team at The Learning Eye have established , run and sold businesses. We have had failures and successes but throughout it all lessons have been learnt and these form the backbone of what we do,